The Longare Lady at Quilty Pleasures Studio

Quilty Pleasures Studio

112 Schoolhouse Lane, Geyserville, CA 95411 ~ Phone: 707.217.0087

Come by and visit The Longarm Lady at Quilty Pleasures Studio we would love to see your quilts!

Come by and visit The Longarm Lady at Quilty Pleasures Studio we would love to see your quilts!

I picked up my quilt from Gari yesterday, and I couldn’t stop looking at it. It’s so beautiful! The quilting makes everything stand out so clearly. She was also very helpful with tips and ideas. Thank you, Gari! I’ll definitely be back! —B.C.S

I love my quilts of Valor that come back from Gari and Margo. The dynamic duo have  so much experience and professionalism. Their studio has an atmosphere of true joy — JW

An amazing artist with fabulous results every time. Not only does she produce excellent work, she has an amazing and giving heart. She will make you feel special just by being in her presence. — T.L.A.

Gari, I believe you are the best quilter I know, that is why I continue to mail you my work for quilting. I love your work and your willingness to move my project to the top in case of emergency. Thanks so much and I will have another quilt ready soon! —K.P.V.

Studio Hours

Monday thru Saturday
by Appointment Only

Hi Friends!

Thank you for your interest in The Longarm Lady at Quilty Pleasures. I am always here, so it seems. All though the hours are posted above, do call if you'd like to stop by before or after hours.

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  1. ShaSha..............


    I am so proud of you and the choices you have made. You deserve to be happy and it looks like you found your professional passion, which is wonderful. I think of you a lot and Love You Bunches……..ShaSha…………….

  2. Rheba Malone

    We have an appointment for you to come to our place for a Statler lesson on August 18. We regretfully are forced to postpone this lesson. We will contact you again soon to reschedule for early October. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    Please confirm receipt of this message.

    Thank you

    Rheba Malone

  3. Dawn

    Hi – I was picking up a letter at the post office and saw your shop. I was wondering if you give lessons on quilting, or just show people how a long arm works? Do you quilt for others?

    Can I just pop in and say hi. I love to make quilts, but usually just do hand quilting to keep it all together. I’m not talking show stop stunning, but I have fun and it keeps me busy.

    Let me know if and when a good time to chat is. Thanks. I’m a camp host at lake Sonoma so just up the road.


  4. Cheryl Guasco

    thank you for finishing my quilt. it is more than i ever dreamed of.


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